quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2008

Whale meat scandal: stop whaling, end subsidies

Please make your move NOW!

We did it! Within 72 hours of our exposé of corruption in the whaling industry and embezzlement of whale meat, 40,000 Greenpeace supporters wrote to Japanese officials demanding an investigation.

Despite denials from the company that runs the whaling ship that the stolen whale meat was just "souvenirs" the Tokyo public prosecutor's office agreed there were grounds for an investigation. It's working!

By law, the sale of whale meat outside the official "scientific whaling" programmme is not supposed to happen -- all proceeds are supposed to offset the taxpayer-subsidized whaling. This means the entire whaling programme is illegal and needs to have its permits revoked and subsidies cancelled -- let's get 80,000 messages in the NEXT 72 hours demanding that.

Please write to the Japanese Government here
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